16 March 2016

How Organyze 3.1 helps at work and at home for the HR department

Managing growing volumes of files and folders in the human resource development department
One of the important tasks in the HR department is to maintain the important documents related to the company’s employees and employee-related policies. Most HR managers now maintain most the documents online (often scanning paper documents to keep them in an electronic form).
An HR department basically takes care of employees’ entry-level documents such as resumes and documents used for verifications. The department also needs to maintain their own documents, such as appointment letters, and performance reviews.
Most managers maintain their files reasonably systematically – either in their own machines or in the local network. Nowadays managers also maintain files and folders online because that helps them access these files when they are on the move and to share them with others in different locations.
This is where something like Organyze comes to HR departments’ rescue. It helps them maintain documents online, both for easy access from anywhere, and for backup.
Document management software helps the HR department to
·        Find files and folders when they need them, and  save precious time
Organyze helps you find files, folders and emails very fast. How? It enables automatic labeling of files, and also allows you to label and bookmark files manually if that is what you prefer, and to attach comments through which you can search to get exactly the file (or a shortlist of files) you need – very, very fast. You don’t even have to remember what file name you had given a file when you had created it months or years ago. The software also fetches a list of documents with your chosen keyword in the file name or content.
The HR department’s problem solved – quickly and easily.
·        Easy way to back up files and folders
The Organyze backup feature allows maintaining a backup of the information in a machine or a network within the local network or off-site. And it lets you do this automatically at a scheduled time daily, with an option for a manually triggered backup when required.
The HR department ensures it doesn’t lose important documents because of someone’s forgetfulness!
·        Sync important documents within a system, from one machine to another or to an external device
The sync feature in Organyze synchronizes all the files and between one machine and another, offline or online. And it offers a safeguard that many other sync software products do not have – if a document gets deleted in one machine, it does not automatically get deleted from the other machines.
The HR department can ensure that everyone is on the same page all the time.