03 June 2016

File synchronization – the Organyze way

For not so tech savvy people, file synchronization means saving a document from one location to another. For example: from one drive to another or from one device to another. It allows users to:

  • Keep a copy of their files in another location – drive, device or machine
  •  Select one-way or two-way sync

Organyze is a file management software that allows users to search, back up and sync a file or folder. Some features of Organyze Sync are:

  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Scheduled backup to free users from the hassles of daily manual sync

The features of the Organyze Backup are similar to those of Organyze Sync (after all, sync also helps to back up files), with two differences: one, backup is done one-way (from location A to location B). Organyze Sync allows you to sync the labels and other tags you have attached to your files from one location to another; Backup does not.

The sync process can be done in two ways – one-way and two-way, i.e., from one device to another only, and simultaneously from each to the other. For example, a document can be saved and edited in both source and destination folders. Any change made in the source location will be reflected in the destination location. The updated files are available in both locations.

Here are some benefits of Organyze Sync:

With synchronization, a person doesn’t have to worry about all his files getting lost or deleted by chance. With Organyze Sync, you can save a copy of the file in another location – a different drive or device (external hard disk or pen drive, or online).

  • Flexibility of selecting either one-way or two-way synchronization.
  • Reliable backup solution for your important files.
  • Organyze Sync supports files of all formats except some like exe or PC registry files (which have been excluded for security reasons).
  • Organyze Sync supports files of any size.
  • Option of selecting or de-selecting a particular file format for sync to facilitate precision.
  •  A feature that allows you to keep files in another location when the file in the source or destination folder is deleted by mistake.